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Join the course

Live and Learn in nature with Nye Rødder – New Roots

Would you like to learn how to live, eat, build and cultivate ecologically and in a natural way? Would you like to use your body, your hands and your head when being in nature?

New Roots offers activities for adult asylum seekers, refugees and immigrants in Denmark. Men and women alike from all ages. The activities take place in the Eco-village Hallingelille, about 12 km. from Avnstrup and 9 km from Ringsted. You can participate in different activities, among others:

→ Cooking low-cost and healthy food from the garden
→ Cultivating vegetables without pesticides
→ Creating artwork with natural materials
→ Building smaller projects with wood
→ Using your body in a healthy way

You will learn a lot about ecology and at the same time, you will understand and speak Danish better. You will also experience getting a better physical state, a better sleep at night and you will be able to relax better. You will be in a helpful community with others and you will probably feel more peace and happiness in you. You will also get tools to create a better life for yourself now and in the future. Speak to your contact person about how you can join or write to us at info@nyerodder.dk.

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